Oregon Conservatives seek new way to move to Idaho


Oregon Conservatives want to move to Idaho…in a whole new way!

There is no question that people ARE moving to Idaho.

The overlooked answer is WHY people are moving to Idaho.

Mainstream and social media would have everyone believe that people are flocking to Idaho for cheaper real estate prices. Anyone who has researched the current home prices in Idaho, knows that is getting harder and harder to do!

While there is a percentage of people who choose to move to Idaho because homes are more  affordable than where they are relocating from, those who are motivated to move for pure economic reasons, have cheaper real estate prices in more than half the country.

No, we at the Martinelli Realty Team, see a different perspective as to why the majority of people are moving to Idaho, especially North Idaho.

Almost every day we get emails and phone calls from people seeking to move to Idaho.

The number one reason people seek to move to Idaho is a culture of traditional Conservative values.

A recent FOX News article, “Group petitions to join this state, blaming Oregon's liberal Democrats”, confirms the motivation for the many who seek to relocate to Idaho.

The article states, “A group of frustrated Oregon conservatives, who have tried everything from voting out Democratic state officials they consider too liberal to recalling the state’s governor and appealing to their Washington representatives, now want to leave the state – by moving the border with neighboring Idaho westward.”

The group of Oregon residents called, “Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho” are securing signatures to put a proposal on local ballots to have their counties annexed into Idaho!

If ever there was compliment to the Conservative Culture of Idaho, what better honor than to have people in your neighboring state say, “Hey we want to be a part of your culture!”

Moving the border of Oregon into Idaho would require approval from the Oregon and Idaho state legislatures and the U.S. Congress, so the proposal may be more fantasy than reality.

Nevertheless, Conservative values of these Oregon residents are real and their appeal to their Conservative neighbors to the east is welcomed!

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Written by Kory Martinelli, Owner/Realtor of The Martinelli Realty Team of Professional Realty Services Idaho