Relocating Republicans Dominate Idaho

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The Idaho Secretary of State has released a new data map documenting the party affiliation of Idaho voters who moved here from other states. 

The information displayed comes from Idaho voter registration records.

What the map shows is the case I have been making for years...mainly, that people moving from other states to Idaho are OVERWHELMINGLY Republican. Idaho is one of the few states getting more and more RED.

To my point, the map and records show the political affiliations of those moving from California. Of the recent 38,941 Idaho voters that moved here from California, 29,516 of those voters, or 76%, are Republicans. Compare that to the only 10% (3,940) California voters who moved here and registered as Democrats. 14% claimed no affiliation and 2% registered as other party affiliations.


When one clicks on a state in the map, they can see the breakdown of voters from specific cities. For example, below is my home town of Simi Valley (AKA home of the Ronald Reagan Library):



Furthermore, the National data shows 66% of the new voters moving from all other states to Idaho registered as Republicans. That even outnumbered the 58% of Idaho Republican voters who were already living in Idaho.

Of the recent Idaho voters who moved to Idaho from all other states:

66% were registered Republicans (more than the existing 58%)

12% were registered Democrats (less than the existing 13%)

24% were unaffiliated (less than the 28%)

2% were a third party, such as the Constitution Party or Libertarian Party

From my observations in living in North Idaho, I can tell you that many voters who claim "unaffiliated," do so because they do not believe the Republican party is Conservative enough. The result of the combined unaffiliated and Republican votes trend very well for conservative issues and politicians at the ballot box. 

The map allows the viewer/investigator to navigate the map by clicking on the state of interest for the breakdown party affiliation from that state.

To navigate the map on the Secretary of State's website, click here or on the map below


Blog Author: Kory Martinelli, Realtor in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho