Idaho sees Strongest Employment since Pandemic

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Idaho has the lowest unemployment of all the states since the pandemic

This was according to a study by The University of New Hampshire dated November 20, 2020

The study titled, “COVID-19 Economic Crisis: By State” reported: “All told, the country had lost over 10 million jobs as of October, 6.6% off the pre-recession level. Net job loss since February was still worse than in the Great Recession for 34 states. Even the other 16 states have seen losses. The states with the smallest drop in employment… Idaho and Utah”

“Net job loss in states has ranged from Hawaii and New York with 17.5% and 10.8% of jobs lost since February, respectively, to Idaho and Utah which have lost 1.1% and 1.4% of their jobs.”

“The hardest hit sector continues to be Leisure and Hospitality, in which, nationally, the Accommodation and Food Services industry has lost 19.1% of its employment, or 2.8 million jobs, and the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation industry has lost 29.6%, or 732,000 jobs as of October. Hawaii has seen the biggest net drop in Accommodation and Food Services—down 51.7%, a loss of 58,700 jobs.”

In the hardest hit sector of Accommodation and Food Services, where Hawaii lost 51.7% of its jobs and California lost 25.8% of its jobs…Idaho was the only state to GAIN jobs at +2.7%!