Who is moving to North Idaho?

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"Say what?" you say, "I thought old people were moving to Florida, Arizona, and Nevada!"

While retirees are still moving to warmer climates, the statistics are shocking when one observes how many retirees are moving to North Idaho. Not just some retirees... two out of three people relocating into the North Idaho area are 65+ years and older!

According to the US Census Bureau and the Idaho Dept. of Labor, 66% of the people moving into the Coeur d'Alene area of Kootenai County are 65 years or older.


Idaho Population Growth ChartGreen bar is State of Idaho



Why would older people move to a part of the country where there is a winter season?  Must be something there that attracts them enough to endure the winters, right? 

Yep, they are coming here for the quality of life! North Idaho still has an affordable cost of living, an unmatched outdoor lifestyle, and a culture of strong conservative values that is attractive to many retirees. 

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Written by Kory Martinelli (he's an old dude too!) Owner/Realtor: Martinelli Realty Team of Keller Williams Coeur d'Alene