What is the Population of North Idaho?


Low population density...just one reason people Live Better in North Idaho!

Below are the five counties that make up North Idaho and their populations:

Here is an interesting perspective:

Boise City has a population of 230,000 people for 83 square miles of space.

The five North Idaho counties have a combined population of 240,000 in just under 8,000 square miles...that is almost the same amount of people as Boise City, but in 10X the space!

Idaho is the 13th least populated state by population (1,787,000.)

The cities of New York (8,398,748), Los Angeles (3,990,456), Chicago (2,705,994), and Houston (2,325,502) all have larger populations than the entire state of Idaho.

The total square miles of the five North Idaho counties is larger than each of the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Hawaii, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island!

Low population density...another reason people Live Better in North Idaho!

For an fun look at population density in Kootenai County and the greater Coeur d'Alene area, see our VIDEO HERE.