Top Three States for Gun Lovers in 2019

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Top Three States for Gun Lovers in 2019

Alright all you “Deplorable” gun loving Patriots.

One of the many reasons we claim you can Live Better in North Idaho is because of Idaho’s strong Second Amendment Culture.

Once again, Guns and Ammo Magazine has placed Idaho in the top three of the “Best States for Gunowners in 2019” 

Here is how the top three ranked:

From a pure statutory standpoint all three states are similarly strong in respecting Second Amendment Rights. See statutory breakdowns here: USCCA

Where the three states primarily differ is in terms or residency requirements for conceal carry without a permit.

Alaska and Arizona say any person 21 years of age and older who can legally possess a firearm may carry a concealed firearm on his or her person without a permit

In Idaho, any state resident who is at least 18 years old and not otherwise disqualified from being issued a license, may conceal carry a firearm without a permit.

Another indicator of our strong Second Amendment Culture is how Idaho ranks #3 in terms of overall population who own a firearm:

#1 Alaska has 62% of total population who own a firearm

#2 Arkansas has 58% of total population who own a firearm

#3 Idaho 57% of total population who own a firearm


Note that Arizona has 32% of total population who own a firearm. It does not even crack the 50th percentile! Hey, Guns and Ammo…Idaho wants #1 next year!

Article written and composed by Kory Martinelli, Owner/Realtor of Martinelli Realty Team of Professional Realty Services Idaho. Kory is an expert in eating donuts…not Second Amendment law. If you don’t do your own research and take this article as legal advice…shame on you!