North Idaho weather…the other side of the coin!

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North Idaho weather…the other side of the coin!


Without question, the most misunderstood and common negative directed towards North Idaho is “THE WINTERS”

It is a fair accusation to claim that those of us here in North Idaho spend a large part of our winter days huddled around our wood burning stoves watching football. We are just fine with that!

However, it is misleading to leave the “best weather” argument stuck on winter without looking at the other side of the coin…summer.  

North Idaho is NOT a winter climate! It is a four FOUR-SEASON climate.

Furthermore, it is a MILD four-season climate…which means none of our seasons are too extreme. Not too cold, not too wet, not too humid, not too hot.

So, for all of our friends who live in “warm weather climates” and love to claim their weather is superior to North Idaho…

We make the argument that over the course of a year people in “warm weather climates” spend more time indoors avoiding the heat than those of us in North Idaho spend indoors avoiding the cold!

This includes our neighbors to the south in Southern Idaho.

Here is a look at our weather in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for the third week of July. The large numbers were the temps at 12PM.

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 Yes, the weather!

Another reason we Live Better in North Idaho.