Idaho third best state for Retirement?

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Idaho third best state in the nation for retirees

Lists of the "best and worst" are always fun. Analyzing the criteria is always fascinating and fun to do.

In this article from, Idaho was ranked third best state in the nation for retirees.

Best places to retire

And, like any Idahoan proud of where we live, we argue we should be #1

Criteria such as Crime, Taxes, Cost of living, and Weather are mostly objective and can be argued with statistical data.

Criteria such as Culture and Health Care Quality tend to be more subjective in the eye of the beholder.

In lists like these, Idaho, and North Idaho in particular, always take a hit in the "Culture" category because our state and region lack "racial diversity" and "political balance" and we have way too many guns and liberty to keep them. So, a ranking of 31 in culture for some may mean more or less for others.

But, South Dakota ranking higher for better weather? Are we missing something?


Sioux Falls v CdA


Nevertheless, lists like these, where Idaho always seems to be near or at the top, just helps to solidify the claim that one can Live Better in North Idaho!