Idaho HB 516... a bold Second Amendment Statement

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You have a right to bear arms in our state!

In a time where our Second Amendment rights are under attack in this country, Idaho just made a bold Second Amendment Statement to all American citizens…you have a right to bear arms in our state!

So, a brief history:

In 2016, Idaho passed the first portion of Constitutional Carry, allowing for Idaho residents 21 years and older to carry a firearm, open or concealed, without a permit.

In 2019, Idaho lowered the age to Idaho residents 18-years and older.

On March 25, 2020, Governor Little signed into law HB 516, recognizing that ALL Americans, not just Idaho residents, have the right to carry in our state without a permit.

These words written into Idaho law make it very clear:

18-3302. CONCEALED WEAPONS. (1) The legislature hereby finds that the people of Idaho have reserved for themselves the right to keep and bear arms while granting the legislature the authority to regulate the carrying of weapons concealed. The provisions of this chapter regulating the carrying of weapons must be strictly construed so as to give maximum scope to the rights retained by the people.

Idaho HB 516 makes Idaho one of the few 13 states maintaining Constitutional Carry with no residency requirements.

Most noteworthy, is the timing of the legislation.

At no time in our country has the Second Amendment been under greater attack than now. And Idaho, with all her growth the past 30 years, has been predicted by many to lose her Conservative values. This legislation makes a bold statement about Idaho and her commitment to one of her most treasured rights.

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