Idaho Best Economy in the Nation

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Bloomberg: “Idaho Best Economy in the Nation”

Sure, we all heard that Idaho was the fastest growing state by population percentage in 2017.

What few know is that Idaho is arguably the strongest state in the country when it comes to economic strong that Bloomberg declared Idaho, "the top performing economy among U.S. States."

Bloomberg conducted an, “Economic Evaluation of the States, an index measuring employment, personal income, home prices, mortgage delinquency, tax revenue and the stock market.” What they found was that Idaho “eclipsed” No. 2) Washington, the state most recently recognized for economic growth through giants like Amazon and Microsoft.

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The evaluation also found that, “personal income among Idahoans… is growing at the fastest rate in the nation…”

Granted, the author of the article in stating the Bloomberg findings, could not help himself without putting a liberal anti-Trump spin to the article. He also never mentions that Idaho is a "Red" state with a low regulatory environment. He even goes so far as to identify Governor Otter as the longest standing governor, without ever mentioning he is a Republican.

Their glaring silence on the fact that Idaho is one of the most conservative states in The Nation makes the findings of Bloomberg’s report all the more convincing.

While the pain of reporting their findings is evident, Bloomberg does reveal the fruit that bears the testimony that Idaho is doing things right!

Read the full article here.

Editorial written by Kory Martinelli, a heavily biased North Idahoan