Cheapest Utility Costs in America: Idaho

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Cheapest Utility Costs in America: Idaho

In a recent study by all the states were compared for their average utility costs per month.

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At Live Better in North Idaho we were not surprised. In the chart below you can see those average utility costs per month:

Screenshot-2019-1-7 Which State Has the Most Expensive Utilities - Move org

In fact, we argue that utility costs in North Idaho are even lower than the Idaho state average.

The Coeur d'Alene area is much closer to the hydroelectric plants on the Columbia river than Southern Idaho cities like Boise, so we so we incur less expensive transmission fees.

Coeur d'Alene electricity is .058% cheaper than the state average with an average monthly bill of $88. Source

Likewise, water is not an issue in North Idaho like it is in Southern Idaho and other parts of the country. Furthermore, our need to irrigate lawns is less demanding due to cooler summers and more than twice the annual precipitation.

Our experience in pricing out monthly water costs in the homes we sell is closer to $25 per month than the state average of $40 per month.

So there you have it. Cheaper utility costs...another reason people Live Better in North Idaho! 

Article written by Kory Martinelli Owner/Realtor of Martinelli Realty Team - Professional Realty Services Idaho