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Idaho ranks high for Firearm-friendly

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We in North Idaho have always known how blessed we are by our strong Second Amendment culture.

But with an ever growing anti-gun sentiment, many states and politicians are running scared with respect to America's Second Amendment Rights. What about Idaho?

Guns & Ammo Magazine recently ranked every state. In the article revealing the rankings they said,

"Guns & Ammo editors have been evaluating the gun laws of each state for the past six years and, in each of those articles, most states moved steadily in a pro-gun direction. This year, thanks in large part due to the media swirling around the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Parkland, we saw things begin to shift in the opposite direction. Many elected officials who ran on a “pro-gun” platform grew weak-kneed when it came to going on the record in support of those very same rights. Traditionally firearm-friendly states such as Vermont and Florida saw the passage of significant anti-gun legislation, almost overnight. How much have things really changed in the wake of this newest wave of anti-gun sentiment?" 

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