A Second Amendment Family prayer Answered!

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We moved our family to North Idaho when our children were still very small. Among the many reasons for leaving California, at the top of the list, was to raise our children in a place where our Second Amendment rights were not only respected...they are treasured!

Earlier this week, my oldest "baby" (now twenty) called me and asked me what I was doing for lunch. 

My first thought was to tell him I was busy...'cuz I was. Selling Real Estate in North Idaho lately is a "consuming blessing" where we have found ourselves working through lunch more often than not.

My second thought was to tell him HE was too busy, knowing as a Realtor and team member, he also had work to get done for clients.

Thank goodness I did not tell my son we were too busy, because he suggested we get together at lunch time to put a few rounds through his new AR-15. I told him to bring it to the house and we would shoot it in the front yard.

So, in one of those precious reflective moments in life, there I was in my front yard shooting an AR-15 with a high capacity magazine with my wife and son! Exactly what I had prayed for over a decade ago when I asked the Lord to guide us to a place where we had the LIBERTY to raise our family with Traditional American Values...one of which is teaching our children to respect and honor their Second Amendment Right!

I'd say after that lunch break, "Mission accomplished!"